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Bike4 Family Update: May 10, 2016

Gaetanne’s wrist’s ache is a constant reminder of the ache in her heart. We tried to do right by our family with a life and character enriching adventure but were ripped off in more ways than four.


Shifra is very active, cooking up a Deliciously Ella storm, excelling in dancing, musical theatre, playing flag football and enjoying playing with Maverick.



David is in a new school and is having a rough time emotionally, and going through teenage growing pains. He’s still missing his North Van.. life. He works a lot at a fast food joint.


Maverick bites chuckit

Maverick needs a dog trailer so he can come with us on bike rides. For now we truck it to the park to walk through tails and to play chuck it! Loves chasing and catching the ball on the run.

Oh, and me? Read all about it in the jOURney and Bike4 Creative blog posts. Go to the Home page and click on ‘See More’.


Our first too big to be true charitable bike tour failed but it’s not the end of the story.
We’re a family of 4 bumping along the cycles of life, love & what many dare not speak of!

Ready or Not. ~ photo by Adam Ragan Photography

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We aimed to ignite a fire of compassion in our hearts and inspire our children to look beyond themselves and our comfortable well fed Western World, to care about others less fortunate.  We seek to live respectfully of other people, especially where we are different. We all have something to give and to learn from each other.




As I bike and blog, live and learn, I will be doing all I can make a positive difference in our world and the lives around me, starting with my family. We can all make an even bigger difference together!





We thought we were bound for Mexico but we were mistaken, I had a dream about visiting Abbotsford and a painful set of circumstances out of our/my control moved us here.

Stay tuned for more Bike4 adventures of John, Gaetanne and the Hetherington Fam’!


Dear friends and family, we love you and are grateful for your presence in our lives. 





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